Dismissal / Termination Letter for Misconduct

Sometimes a CEO needs to dismiss/ terminate an employee for misconduct. Here we provide a sample termination letter for misconduct.

Behavior is the greatest weapon in our civil society, especially in corporate culture. You can’t be a successful man in a corporate society if you can’t control your behavior. Most of the company train their employee who needs to deal with a client.

So that they can convince clients easily through good behavior. The behavior of employees can increase and decries the goodwill of a company. So, you should consider employee behavior toward your customer.

Termination letter for misconduct

Date: 1st March 2021

Name of employee
Street Address
City, state, Zipcode

Dear [employee name],

This official letter issued for confirmation of your termination from Regal Solution for your misconduct. This termination will be effective on March 10, 2021.

This decision of dismissal is based on the following reason. Last 21st January 2021 we got a complaint against you for misconduct from one of our valuable customers. As a result of last month, we issue a warning letter to you regarding that matter. We hope that you will be careful next time but you don’t. That warning can’t change your character to our company client.

After that incident, we got plenty of misconduct complaints against you. This is really very harmful to our company goodwill and growth. We can’t give you any chance regarding this matter. Higher authorities of Regal Solution decide that you are the not right person for our company so, they are issuing this letter.

This is ten days paid termination notice. You will get this ten-day payment in your salary account in due time. You can’t claim any financial benefits because you should remember that you are terminated for misconduct with our valuable customers.

Hope you will give more attention to transform your behavior.


Managing Director


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