Rental Agreement Termination Letter Sample

Most of the small organization operates its business from rental commercial space. So, often they need to make a rental agreement with the landlord and for that reason sometimes it can be essential for both party tenant and landlord to terminate that rental agreement. Here is a rental agreement termination letter sample.

A rental agreement termination letter

Date: 1st March 2021

Contract Name
Address line 1
Address line 2
City, State/province
Zip / postal code

Dear [contact name],

I am writing this letter to terminate our rental agreement which we signed 1st January 2019. The rental agreement was signed for my commercial space at 79/2-C North Nottingham Street United Kingdom. And the duration of that agreement was two years.

Paragraph number 7 (seven) of that agreement said that both parties (tenant and landlord) can terminate this rental agreement if necessary but might let to know before 1 (one) month ago. According to the agreement I send you a notice regarding the matter week ago and by this letter, I am confirming the termination of the rental agreement. This termination will be effected in April 2021.

You deposited 10,000 (ten thousand) pounds as an advance for that rental agreement. You will get your advance return at the end of this month when this rental agreement is terminated.

Name of landlord
Address of landlord
Phone number

Rental agreement termination letter sample
A rental agreement termination letter

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