Necessity of Country Bound Culture in SHR Managers

Country-bound culture and values are beneficial for both organizations and the people. Points of the necessity of country bound culture in SHR managers are discussed as follows in detail:

The necessity of country bound culture in SHR managers

1. The culture of Bangladesh is of a special type where family tie is important. Therefore for SHRM, those matters are to be considered during employment.

2. SHRM must consider the employment of next time in case of immature death of a family head and train up the employee to attain the level for his performance.

3. In Bangladesh culture, elderly persons draw special attention and honor, Therefore SHRM must consider the matter for job placement.

4. SHRM (Strategic Human Resource Management) must also consider the religious beliefs of the employee at leave plaint must be made, in a way to accommodate these factors.

5. Our people have very strong ties with their families and native village.

6. Since the family ties are close, various family needs programs get good attention which must be considered.

7. Unlike western economic activity, the firing of employees does not occur for one mistake, or Therefore proper handling of employee shortcomings is to be included in the SHRM policy.

8. As our economy is not strong enough to accommodate many employees SHRM policy is to be made to make compensation plans in such a manager that the expenditure could be covered at one standard of living.

9. In the high policy atmosphere of Bangladesh, the SHRM policy is required to be accommodated to cope with the practical situation.

10. Bangladesh’s economy is agro-based and people come from rural areas. So rural people must see a match with their culture.

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