Reluctance to Open New SHR Departments

Organizations are that much interested to open SHRM (strategic human resource management) division/department in an organization. Reluctance to open new SHR departments is shown as follows:

Reluctance to open new SHR departments

  1. The concept of HRM is not well established among executives.
  2. Business personnel’s lack of knowledge about SHRM. They sometimes misinterpret it with the functions of HRM (Human Resource Management).
  3. No availability of qualified personnel in the field of SHRM (strategic human resource management).
  4. Management is not interested to establish departments where the core objective is so specific.
  5. Scarcity of resources like funds is another cause of reluctance.
  6. The way of doing business is different in Bangladesh. Abroad organization’s strategy is fixed concerning the HR Department. So, people involved in the business in Bangladesh take SHR as a tool not helpful for them.
  7. Managers do not need an SHR department separately.

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