10 Role of Government for an Effective SHR Department

The role of Government for an effective SHR department in Bangladesh organizations is considered below in ten cases:

Role of government for an effective SHR department

1. Policy formulation: The government of Bangladesh should formulate fair policies for performing every function of SHRM.

2. Fair recruitment & selection: Government must ensure fair recruitment selection, promotion, transfer, etc in every organization.

3. Training & development: Proper training and development of programmers should be arranged with initiative and /or collaboration with the government.

4. SHRM department: Every organization owned by the government must open the SHRM department/division.

5. Monitoring: Government should monitor the activities of SHRM to ensure fairness.

6. Enforcement of laws: Bangladesh’s government should enforce every enacted law indiscriminately in the organizations.

7. Punishment for violation: If any organization violates fair policies, the government will take necessary action to ensure discipline.

8. Creation of culture: Supportive culture is supposed to be created in organizations by the government of Bangladesh.

9. Propagation: Effective propagation may be of immense help for the establishment of the SHRM system in organizations.

10. Good LMR: The government of Bangladesh should insist on all parties to the organization to maintain good relations.

Role of government for an effective shr department
Role of Government for an Effective SHR Department

After all, the government is the guardian of all organizations. So it will find out the ways and funds for the establishment and maintenance of effective SHR management in Bangladesh organizations.

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