Complaint letter against doctor to state licensing board

If you believe a physician has been guilty of gross negligence or misconduct, you can report the matter to your state licensing board.Give enough pertinent details to inform the board about the situation and let them know you are available should they need more information. A sample complaint letter against doctor which is written to state licensing board are mention below:

Complaint letter against doctor

May 12, 2016


State Board of Medical Regulation and Registration
State Capitol Building, Room 334
Springfield, IL 60001
Attention: Marsha Goodfield, M.D., Licensing Examiner


Dear Dr. Goodfield:
I wish to register a complaint about Dr. H. L. Swathmore of 645 Church Street in Highland Park, Illinois.

I consulted Dr. Swathmore on March 25 because of severe abdominal pain. He questioned me about my diet and prescribed a painkiller.The pain did not go away completely, and I consulted him on March 27 and again on March 29. He kept insisting that I should stay on a light bland diet and keep taking the painkiller.

On March 31, I had to call the paramedics because of unbearable pain and was taken to the community hospital where I underwent an emergency appendectomy. I suffered a bout of peritonitis and was very ill for four or five days.

I feel that Dr. Swathmore was totally inept in this case and should be investigated. Acute appendicitis cannot be that hard to diagnose–particularly since I had some of the classic symptoms. I am considering a damage suit against him and would like to know what action you will take in the meantime. I shudder to think what other patient’s life he may be endangering even now.

If you require further information, I can be reached at (708) 222-2452.


Mr. O. L. Abernathy
4169 Percy Street
Highland Park, IL 60035

Complaint letter against doctor to state licensing board

Complaint letter against doctor

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    December 17, 2017 at 3:53 AM

    nice sample, i liked it

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