Birthday Letter to Aunt Sample

Uncle and aunt was the best friend in our little age. But after some certain time period, there may rise some distance. Write a letter to your aunt on her birthday it may erase the distance. Here is an example of a birthday letter to aunt.

Birthday letter to aunt

Dear aunt,

Happy birthday to my favorite aunt.

Today I really miss you because of your affection. Today you are 32 but you are still young like before. When I was fifteen you went to our home. You were looking very smart, slim, and cute. Everyone called you “Queen of a laugh” because you laugh very much without any reason so that I like you.

Every day you help me with my homework.  Can you remember, one day you make up for me and that was really very funny? Everyone laughed saw that. I always followed you for your beauty. You cook very well. You were very popular to us named “recipe mam”. On your birthday I sent some recipes for you so that you can be the best.

It makes me laugh when I remember that one night you terrify me with a mask. You are very naughty at a young age. God bless you.

Happy birthday again to my idol


Birthday letter to aunt

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