Sample Birthday Letter to a Friend

Friendship is the best relationship in the world. A human being can’t survive without friendship. Anyone can’t avoid the importance of this relationship. This is a very jolly type of relationship but needs to be formal sometimes like when your friend’s birthday arrived.

You should send a birthday gift with a birthday letter because this letter will express your feelings to him/her. So, here we give a sample birthday letter to a friend.

A birthday letter to a friend

Dear Sova,

I feel very happy to know that the coming Monday happens to your birthday. It will be a great pleasure for me to attend your birthday party.

Please accept my best wishes on this special occasion. I wish such a happy occasion will happen in your life again and again. It’s really very kind of you to have invited me to a birthday party. But I am sorry I won’t be able to join it, as I will be out of town on that occasion for official purposes.

Very shortly you will receive a small gift from my side as a token of love affection. Accept my felicitation on this happy day once again.

With best regards-
Yours sincerely

Sample birthday letter to a friend

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