A Birthday Letter to My Husband

A sample birthday letter to my husband is mentioned below with a cute image sample.

Are you thinking about your husband’s birthday party occasion and thinking about how you surprised him on that occasion?  Maybe you thinking about a great gift for him. You are right a special gift can bring happiness to him. But I have a great idea to make it better. If you write a letter to your husband and share your feeling of love with him, he will be the happiest man in the world. So let’s know how to write a great letter to your husband. A Sample Birthday letter to my husband is given below so that you can get some idea.

A birthday letter to my husband

Dear, Jorg


Happy birthday! Love of my life

I am the luckiest women on the planet to have you as my husband. God blessed me by giving you in my life. You are now 31 and we passed one year together, but often I think we just got married before few days because you know the happy moment just passed away. I just want to be with you throughout my life.

I can still remember the day when we meet for the first time. That day was very special to me and I was a little bit confused about you. Because you know you look so good and I think you have a girlfriend. But after a month I can know that you are single and you have a great personality. After that, I fall in love with you and I try to spend lots of quality time with you.  After this all you know I proposed to you and we got married within a few months.

Your hard work, attitude, way of love, a sense of humor inspire me a lot.  You love me more than I deserved. I find you always try to make me smile because you are the greatest husband in this world.

Every day I am trying to be a perfect wife for you as you are my perfect husband. I hope God makes me so lucky that I can celebrate your 100th birthday with you.

Please be with me like this throughout my life. All of my love to you. Happy birthday again.


Birthday letter to my husband
Sample Birthday Letter to My Husband

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