Birthday Letter to Brother from Sister

Brother and sister is a really very special relation. This is a very pure, honest, spiritual, and joyful relationship. A birthday gift doesn’t express your feelings you can express your feelings by giving a birthday letter with the birthday gift. So, here we provide a birthday letter to a brother from sister.

A birthday letter to brother

Dear brother,

Happy Birthday to my world’s best brother. I need not say because I think you know how special you are to me. Today you are twenty-two years old. But you are still a young kid to me. Can you remember I fret you by saying fat in our little age? You can’t do anything but cry.

But now you are not fat but a very handsome guy like a hero. You know I feel proud for you to be your sister. You are a medical student and after few days you will be a doctor. I hope and pray to God He will make you the greatest doctor in the world. You are not proud of mine but also of my family.

I think this is great when my best friends have the same parents. This is a blessing to us from God that we are best friends and as well as brother and sister. Really I feel blessed to have you as my brother.

Yes, this is true that often we fuss and fight but I always there for you and you loved me much. I am glad you born after me and to be your elder sister because I can teach you from my mistakes. And I always pray to god to make you a perfect human being and successful man.

This is no matter how old are you, you always be my younger brother. Love you and have a happy birthday.


Birthday Letter to Brother from Sister

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