Job Resignation Letter Sample / Format / Template / Example

During your career, you may need to write a letter of resignation when you leave a job. There and some reasons for which you should write a letter of resignation. You may find a better opportunity, plan on going back to study or have a serious clash with your supervisor, etc. Some job resignation letter sample is given below:

Whatever the reason, your letter of resignation should be courteous and positive. Sometimes you may need to request your former employer as a reference. Letters of resignation, like the letter of refusal follow the same procedures.

Job Resignation letter sample

Dear Sir,

I have enjoyed working with you as a staff of your renowned organization. These past three years have been among the most rewarding in my career.

However, my parents emphasized me for the completion of my Master’s degree. So I would like to start my study again. If you accept my resignation it will be very helpful to build my educational career.

I will be able to stay here for the next three months and assist you to find a replacement for my position. I am very grateful to you for all the patience, wisdom, and experience that you shared with me. I will always remember my time with you and your staff. Finally, hope to work in your organization again in the future.


Irshat Ara

Job Resignation Letter Sample
Job Resignation Letter Sample

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