Sample Apology Letter for Misconduct

When you are at work, there is no excuse for misbehaving. But, if you did any kind of misbehave, it is time to say sorry. Writing an apology letter is the best way to say sorry for your misconduct. A formal apology letter can make your relationship stronger. You have to write this kind of letter very gently, formally and politely. Here is a sample of an apology letter for misconduct which will help you to save your relationship.

Sample Apology Letter for Misconduct

Date: September 17, 2020

Dear (Receiver’s Name),

I know you are quite angry at me and there is also a valid reason behind it. I also appreciate your behavior. What I have done on last night was very aggressive. The reason behind this letter is an apology. I would like to apologize to you because of my act. I am extremely sorry for such kind of behavior. I feel very ashamed to face you. I have no courage to face you. Yes, I am a duffer and also a coward. But honestly, I feel very ashamed.

We were friends for 7 years. We are the closest friend among all of our friends. You are my best buddy. Do you remember, all of our friends got jealous because of our bonding? We couldn’t pass our single day without each other. We passed our school, college, and university days together with lots of fun. You are my only friend who was always with me. But, I couldn’t be with you when you have badly needed me.

I misbehaved with you, How could I? How could I do this kind of behave to you? I know you never expect this kind of behavior from me. I am really very sorry my friend. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. Please accept my heartiest apology. I promise you that it will never happen in the future again. Please give me a chance to keep my promise and prove to me. I know I don’t deserve your friendship. But need you and your friendship. I will be looking forward to your reply. I hope that you won’t angry with me for a long time. With best regards and lots of love.

Your Friend,

(Your Name)

Apology Letter for Misconduct
Apology Letter for Misconduct

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