Birthday letter to dad from daughter

Family is the first school of our life and dad is first teacher, friend and idol. Everyone know a daughter love his father much but most of the time it is untold.

So, in this birthday tell your dad how much you love him. It makes relation so much strong with your father as well as with your family. Here is a sample birthday letter to dad from daughter.

Birthday letter to dad

Dear Dad,

Happy birthday dad! Dad you are the best dad and human in the world I swear this is not just a talk but I mean it. This is really very tough to me to explain how much I love you. I think this is not like anyone else.

I am not grateful to you for your kindness to me I think it’s natural. I love you from my deepest heart because you are my friend, you are my inspiration, you are my teacher and you are my last destination for any decision. Today what am I just because of you. You are more than a great dad.  I really feel proud and lucky to have a father like you.

I am rich not for you money but for your love. I pray, god will give you long live for me. I am thankful to god for giving me a dad like you.

Happy birthday again to best father ever. You are my idol and inspiration.

Your daughter


Birthday letter to dad

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