Birthday Letter to Mom from Daughter

Do you express your love to your mom? If you, not this birthday of your mom is the best opportunity to disclose your expression to her.

Write a letter to your mom on her birthday and tell your untold feelings to her. Believe me, she will be the happiest mom. Don’t here we give a sample birthday letter to mom

Birthday letter to mom

Happy birthday mom!

It’s your 53rd birthday. In this occasion, I really want to express my feelings to you but any word is silly for you. In my eyes, you are the best beautiful and greatest mom in the world. I love you more than anything. You are more than great mom. I can’t even think about my life without you. Life will be meaningless to me if I lost you.

I know most people think their mom is the best but I truly believe that God blessed to us by giving the mom like you. You are not the only loving mother but a real friend, inspiring, kind, intelligent, gentle, generous, and sweet.

After the death of our dad, you were not just a mom but you played both roles to us. Now we are self-independent. Mom just prays for us so that, we never misbehave with you. I always worried about the matter. Please forgive me if I misconduct with you ever.

Best wishes to our mom’s birthday

You’re Daughter


Birthday letter to mom

Birthday letter to mom

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1 comment for “Birthday Letter to Mom from Daughter

  1. Rodrick Glossop
    August 23, 2018 at 5:14 PM

    Nice sample letter especially the image. can i download it to use in my letter?

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