Culture and Values Level of SHR Managers

Nature of culture and values level of SHR managers vary at different organizations. Here we will bring some of the levels in brief:

Culture and values level of SHR managers

  1. Culture: Culture of our country is very old and glorious and we are very soft in religions faith. We use to live in a broad family. We honor older people and expect to ones get respect from junior. So strategic HR Manager must know about the culture and values levels of people.
  2. Indifferent in culture: A strategic HR Manager may not be attained organizational effectiveness if he is indifferent in culture and values of people or employees.
  3. Attract and motivate employees: A strategic HR Manager may easily attract and motivate employees, if he is well known about the cultural values of employees.
  4. Cultural environment: A manager is a leader of the employees working in the organization. If a manager creates good cultural environment among most of the employees, then they get interest to work in the organization. They may attain the organizational goals as they are satisfied about the culture maintained in the organization.
  5. Spontaneity environmentValues and  belief are  important  in the organization. A successful and effective manager maintains a good cultural values and belief, so everyone maintains the values. This creates spontaneity of working environment and the organizations attain its strategic goal.

    Culture and Values Level of SHR Managers
    Culture and Values Level of SHR Managers
  6. Types of culture: There are 3 types of culture which can be maintained in the organization. These are (i) geocentric culture (ii) ethnocentric culture (iii) polycentric culture. Geocentric cultured people believe and maintain a standard of average culture. Ethnocentric cultured people belief that there are culture is the best. Polycentric cultured people believed that all culture have some good and also some bad behavior. They maintain a balance among all the culture.
  7. Geocentric culture: As most of the people believe in common culture, so strategic manager in  Bangladesh will  be  successful  if he maintains geocentric culture.
  8. Attain organizational goal: Culture and values can affect the employees seriously. So a good culture and value can create effective environment forward and to attain organizational goal.
  9. Religions culture: We believe in religions culture. We enjoy holidays in Eids, Shab-e-Qadr and Shab-e-Barat etc day. If we are satisfied by our cultural values maintained the organizations, then this satisfaction will attract us to remain in the organization and we work good for us and also for our organization. So the organization wilt be successful in attaining it good values and entire.
  10. Standard of culture: A good and effective organization may be humane by the it maintains. An effective manager maintains this good cultural belief and values.

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