Happy birthday letter to girlfriend with picture

Do you love your girlfriend! I know you must do. If you love her you should express yourself to her. Birthday of your girlfriend is the best opportunity to show how much you love her.

So, buy a cute gift what is best match with her and send it with a expressive birthday letter. You must send a birthday letter because a gift can’t disclose your feelings but a letter can do it very widely.

No problem I here is a sample happy birthday letter to girlfriend with picture. You will get clear idea from it.

Birthday letter to girlfriend

Hay honey Sarah,

Accept my best wishes for your Birthday also accept my apology because I couldn’t be with you today. I know you badly miss me in this occasion. Like ever I really want to be with you on this day.  But dear believe me this interview is so much important for my career and our future life. And I am really very hopeful about it.

You remember last time in your birthday silly but romantic meeting. That was my best date of my life. I really mean it. A candle light dinner then long drive. You know, you look best beautiful on that day. You still look gorgeous.

I this year I had another exceptional plan. I know you will miss me but believe me I missing you more because I can’t arrange that surprising party. Please don’t be upset when I return we will arrange that party to celebrate your birthday together.

If possible arrange some family trip or party. Again I miss you a lot. Now I am thinking I could bring you with me. It would be the best birthday celebration of our life. Whatever many year are waiting for us.

Take my lots of love and kisses at the end
You’re Jones



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1 comment for “Happy birthday letter to girlfriend with picture

  1. Goni
    September 13, 2016 at 9:58 PM

    This is nice letter especially I like the picture

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