Sample Apology Letter for Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one kind of cheating. You should apologize for the mistake made and mention in passing what the apology is exactly. Explain why it happened in the first place. However, do not blame anyone else nor be defensive in any way. You should always end your letter on a positive note. Time and time again, plagiarists have been caught and offered up apologies that are half-hearted, incomplete and at times, downright patronizing. While one might expect that plagiarists would not be creative at offering apologies, one would think that they could at least a complete one. An apology letter for plagiarism sample are provided below:

Apology letter for plagiarism

Date: September 20, 2016

(Teacher’s Name)
(Teacher’s Position)
(School/ College/ University’s Name)
(City, State, Zipped Code)


Dear Sir/ Madam,
My name is (Your Name). I am in your section (Mention your section). I would like to apologize to you. I’m extremely sorry for my act. I am very sorry that I plagiarized my paper.

First, let me state that I now understand just serious plagiarism is. I admit that I was guilty of plagiarism in my term paper (Subject Name). It was discouraging to my fellow classmates, who worked hard on their essays, did their proper research and cited their sources. Though I wish I could claim this were an error on my part, I knew at the time that what I was doing was wrong. I then continued to cover up the plagiarism and take no action to correct the record at the time I did it. The only failing was my ethical judgment, and for that, all I can do is apologizing.

I am sorry to have wasted your time with an idea that wasn’t mine. I shouldn’t have tried to use any kind of shortcuts in my education. I see now that I was simply making things harder on myself. If you allow me a second chance, I will work to prove to you that I can create ideas of a similar caliber, all on my own. I look forward to your reply regarding this matter.

(Your Name)

Apology Letter for Plagiarism

Apology Letter for Plagiarism

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