Sample Invitation Letter for Kid’s Birthday Party

The invitation letter for your child’s birthday celebration will be an announcement for the addressee that your child is turning 1 or 2 or even 3. So on a precise date and as you are arranging a birthday party, you are welcoming them with this letter. A sample invitation letter for kid’s birthday is given below:

When it comes to the invitation letters for your child’s birthday party, there are basically two forms of these invitation letters. The first is the formal one and the second one is informal. The formal invitation letter is for your coworkers and elderly relatives.

On the other hand, informal invitation letters are for your friends, neighbors, and close family. The vital dissimilarity in these letters is that in the formal letter, you must inform the guest about the party that you will arrange and you request them to come to for joining the special moment.

Where on the other hand, in an informal invitation letter, you can talk to your friends and close family members liberally without any restrictions.

Letter of Invitation to children’s Birthday party

  • Start the letter with good news
  • Mention the purpose of the occasion
  • Express hope of acceptance of the invitation
  • At the close of the letter give thanks again.

Invitation letter for kid’s Birthday Party

My dear jolly,


I hope you and your little ones are doing well. I hope everybody is in good health. It’s been so long since we met. We lost the way of our friendship, but you should know that even if I was also busy with my little one and my family life. All the time I remembered you, but there was basically no time for me to take from my busy routine and catch up with old friends and former neighbors. But, now we have an occasion to meet up and share our life stories together.

You will be delighted to know that my little Josie is turning 1 on 8 October 2022. For this reason, I am going to arrange a party. For one reason, this is a vast milestone in my daughter’s life that I want to celebrate and also I want to invite all of my friends and relatives so that I can see them.

The party will be at my home. The party will begin at 5 pm and depend on the guests and party games. Please bring your children with you.

Please inform me about your plans so that I can manage the guest list.

Yours loving
Lianas Milan

Invitation Letter format for children’s Birthday party

Dear Sir,
With great pleasure, we wish to inform you that we will be celebrating the first birthday of our first daughter” Nafisa” this coming Friday. We are arranging a small get-together on this occasion. You are cordially invited to join the party. The party will help up at 10 P.M. I do hope you will come by all means. Please don’t forget.

With best wishes-
Sincerely yours

Invitation Letter for Kid’s Birthday
Invitation Letter for Kid’s Birthday

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