Sample Apology Letter for Shoplifting

Saying sorry is hard enough. It is easier that put your apology into word through sorry letters. The outcome is worth by a sincere apology letter. If you need to get the reprieve, say sorry today! Sample apology letter for shoplifting are given below:

Apology letter for shoplifting

Date: September 10, 2016


Dear (Receiver),
Please accept my heartiest apology for the heinous act I did. I am extremely sorry for stealing from your store. If I offer any explanation for my act would only be attempts at excusing the immoral and unlawful behavior. Please accept my apology for the disruption and the inconvenience of your business operations. I feel very ashamed to write this letter to you. The day I stole the document of yours, I make your head down in front of whole office management.  I have no strong reason for what I did but I just want you to know that if I would have really thought about it, I would have never done such a shameless act.

I understand that stealing is a very wrong thing and what happened on (date) at (location) has taught me that the consequences are not worth an unlawful gain. Please accept my apology for this act. I know you cannot but please forgive me for this last time and I promise that henceforth there will be no such mistake caused from my side.

Once again I am very sorry for misbehaving and act I did. If you have anything further to discuss on the matter please feel free to contact me. I once again apologize for my shameful act.


Thank You.
(Yours Name)

Apology letter for shoplifting

Apology Letter for Shoplifting

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  1. Juicy
    August 10, 2018 at 1:19 AM

    Nice sample letter, thanks for sharing

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