Sample Apology Letter for the Delay Delivery

Most of the people don’t like the delay because they have less patience. This letters may be used by those firms and companies who have got complaints from customers due to delay in service delivery and they can make sure that this doesn’t happen again. The format of apology letter for the delay delivery is given below for your use.

Apology letter for the delay

Date: September 10, 2016


Dear valued customer,
We have got your e-mail as a complaint for the delay in our delivery process week. I know that it was very important that I am on time to send you the prerequisite materials and I’m very sorry for not being on time. This is a disappointment for those who had their hopes raised. We duly apologize for not satisfying you properly and we assure you that this won’t happen again. We are taking all necessary steps in order to get all the details about this delay in delivery. Thank you so much for draw our attention into this matter. From this problems investigation we will be able to know about the root of the problem and then we will find the solution of the problem and will make sure that no further delays will be made. You will be glad to know that we are sending you a complimentary gift as an apology so that you remained our valued customer. Our valued customers are our asset and this is our foremost priority that we satisfy our loyal customers.

In the future, we will exercise better organization to ensure that we are more punctual. We will make sure to keep you up to date on our offers. If you can offer additional insight as to how to improve our punctuality, we are willing to listen and learn.


(Your name)
(Your position)
(Company Name)

Apology letter for the delay

Apology Letter for the Delay

Apology letter for late delivery

In business, punctuality is a very important thing. A businessman should be very punctual. If you are not sincere to your business, you can’t gain success. You have to send your delivery on time to run your business properly. You have to satisfy your clients and customer. Always remember that “Customer’s satisfaction is a businessman’s first priority.” If you want to shine in the business world, you have to be very punctual, sincere and polite. If you can’t delivery in time, you have to apologize to your client or customer. This will make a positive impression to you.

A sincere apology letter can help you to build your business career very smoothly. Always try to satisfy your customer. Here is another sample apology letter for the delay is given.

Date: September 15, 2016

Dear Sir,
At first, let me introduce. I am (Your Name), (Your position), (Your Company Name). I would like to thank you for being with us since 2 years. You are one of the most regular and respective customers in our company. We value our long time relationship. Three days ago, you came to our shop and buy some necessary things. You told us for home delivery. We agreed with your proposal as you are one of the most sincere customers. But when we were trying to send your goods, we came to know that there was vehicle strike and it will continue for two days. We were trying to contact with you but you didn’t reply our emails and calls. Because of the strike, we can’t send these goods to your home in time. Please accept my sincerest apology on behalf of our company. We are extremely sorry for not sending your goods in time. We are also sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced only because of us.

In our company, customer’s satisfaction is the first priority. For your satisfaction, we are sending you a (Tell what you like to send as the penalty). We hope that this won’t affect our two years relationship. In future, we will try that this kind of problem never happens again. We are also thankful for your patience. We will look forward to you.


(Your Name)
(Your Position)
(Your Company Name)

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