7 Importance of Human Resource Management (HRM)

There are some points of importance of human resource management in an organization and these points signify the presence of human resource management (HRM) as a separate department of the organization. However, these points are briefly discussed in the following paragraphs:

Importance of human resource management

1. Formulation of HR policies: For the proper formulation of human resource policies knowledge and efficiency in human resource management are required.

2. Implementation of HR Policies: Not only formulation rather an implementation of HR policies signifies the importance of HR management in an industrial organization.

3. Review of employee needs: human resources management suggest proper action by reviewing employee need. And it increases the efficiency of an organization.

4. Development of social welfare: If human resource management (HRM) is welfare-oriented for employees, some development of social welfare may take place.

5. Utilization of Human Resources: HRM can show it’s important by proper utilization of human resources after getting everything done by employees.

6. Development of Labor-Management RelationsGood labor-management relation is essential for a peaceful working environment. Human resources management can ensure it.

7. Overall development of organization: Human Resources management can play a significant role in achieving productivity and profitability targets. Thus it can help the overall development of the organization.

Importance of human resource management
Importance of human resource management

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