11 Characteristics of HR Manager for Increasing Productivity

Characteristics of SHR managers for increasing and maintaining productivity. All major characteristics of HR manager which impact productivity are described below:

Characteristics of HR manager

1. Mutual understanding in trust with subordinates: The manager tends to work in an organization with mutual understanding/trust with employees that he allows with his subordinates who are devoted to increasing and maintaining productivity.

2. Involvement of employees: If he takes initiative to involve the employee then the employees are to be more dedicated to work.

3. Recognize the work: Managers have the tendency to recognize the work of subordinates to increase and maintain productivity.

4. Good motivator: The manager is supposed to perform his job as a good motivator to increase and maintain the productivity level of the organization.

5. Supportive culture: He will work in favor of supportive culture to meet physiological needs, social needs, social security recognition, etc.

6. Commitment: The manager should be committed to the employees as well as the organization.

Characteristics of HR Manager for Increasing Productivity
Characteristics of HR Manager for Increasing Productivity

7. Patriotism: Managers should be patriots so that they can help achieve productivity which is the ultimate need for the development of their organization.

8. High personal ambition: High personal ambition is important for the career by achieving the production target every year, not in a single year.

9. Less accountability: SHR Managers of Bangladesh organizations are not that much accountable because of the lack of a set system. But it must be ensured without any fail to increase productivity adopt.

10. Less disciplinary actionIf the manager fails to increase productivity disciplinary action against the concerned employee’s productivity may be hammered.

11. Forecasting power: SHR managers must have forecasting power so that effective and practical products can be formulated.

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