7 Tips for Motivation in Human Resource Management

There are some motivation tips to be considered for a human resource manager. These tips for motivation in human resource management are as follows:

Motivation in human resource management

1. Select the best: Motivation comes from within an individual. Therefore, if you hire only the people who have the potential to be motivated, half of the battle is your own.

2. Use the Pygmalion effect: If you truly believe in your employees, they will believe in themselves. Take the time to psychologically invest in your employees.

3. Track success: Provide challenging goals with which employees agree and compare their performance regularly to these goals. Make sure to do this in a manner that is not critical or demeans rig.

4. Recognize contributions: Provide public recognition for employees who have performed well. Be sure to be consistent about when the rewards are provided. For example, select an employee of the week and announce his or her name at a weekly meeting.

Motivation in Human Resource Management
Motivation in Human Resource Management

5. Provides incentives and rewards: Remember that the psychological reward of the incentives can be a useful motivator in the short term.

6. Empower employees: Make employees responsible for the company’s product or service. Listen to what they have to say and use their ideas.

7. Enhance career development: Use training and development as a tool to ready employees for the next step in their career paths. Invest in your employees just as you would invest in new equipment.

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