Difference Between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management

The strategic management approach to human resources and the typical functional approach differ in many ways. The strategic human resources approach is involved in strategic planning and decision and coordinates all human resources functions for all employees.

It also views human resource function as an integral part of all corporate functions, marketing, production, and finance, legal, and so on. Some difference between human resource management and personnel management are mention below:

Difference between human resource management and personnel management

DimensionsStrategic HRMTraditional Personnel
1. Planning and strategy formulation Participates in formulating overall organization strategic plan and aligning human resource functions with company strategy.It is involved in operational planning only.
2. AuthorityHas high status and authority for top personnel officer (e.g. vice president of human resource)Has medium status and authority (e.g. personnel director)
3. ScopeIt is concerned with all managers and employeesIt is concerned primarily with hourly, operational
4. Decision makingIt is involved in making a strategic decisionIt makes operations decisions only
5. IntegrationFully integrated with other organizational functionsIt has moderate and small integration with other organizational Sanctions
6. CoordinationCoordinate all human resource activities (e.g. recruitment training, equal employment opportunity, etc.)Don’t coordinate with all human resource functions.
Difference between human resource management and personnel management
Difference between human resource management and personnel management

The table given above defines major Differences between human resource management and Traditional Personnel management.

From the above table, we can see that there are six points of distinction between strategic human resource management and traditional personnel management. The field of strategic HRM is much broader than traditional personnel management.

HRM includes management of all types and levels of people, whereas traditional persona management usually includes the employees working in the business industrial enterprises.

Therefore, we can conclude that all human resource managers are personnel managers but all personnel managers may not be humming resource managers.

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