10 Characteristics of Organization Development

There are a lot of characteristics of organization development. These characteristics are from various dimensions of organization development.

These are categorized into then types and discussed in the following points taking form French and Bell’s book Organization Development:

Characteristics of organization development

Characteristics of Organization development

  1. Focus on culture and process: Organization development on culture and process of proper and organization on following suitable and positive culture level and process success organization development program depend.
  2. Collaboration: Organization development encourages heartfelt collaboration between managers and employees and members managing culture and processes.
  3. Accomplishment of tasks: Various kinds of teams and groups play important roles for accomplishment of organization development activities. Thus targets can also be achieved.
  4. Human and social sides: Organization development focuses on both human and social sides. By doing so, it intervenes in the technological and structural sides also.
  5. Participation: Participation and involvement of managers and players can make the organization development process a success. It helps to exchange views and ideal related to organization development.
  6. System change: Organization development focuses on total system change. Because every change is inevitable for the success of any development program.
  7. Facilitation: There are three parties to organization development process. They are facilitators, collaborators and co-learners in the client system. Cooperation of all these parties can help the organization to develop.
  8. Over arching goals: An overarching goal of the organization is to make the client system able to solve its problems. It is done by teaching the skills and knowledge on continuous learning through self analytical methods.
  9. Action research model: Organization development activities are undertaken following the conclusions and recommendations of action research members related to client system.
  10. Developmental view: Organization development takes a developmental view for the betterment of both process and organization. Another practice in organization development programs is to create win-win solutions.

The above points mainly characterize the organization development. This does not mean that there may not be other characteristics of organization development.

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