5 Essential Steps of Organization Development Process

(OD) The organization development process is a complex and long process. Sometimes it takes a year or more than a year to design execute and get end fruits. In some cases, it can continue indefinitely.

Organizational development process eaters to move the organization from a present position to a better future position. The process consists of five steps.

The model has been excerpted from Newstrom and Davis’s book Organization Behavior. The model is shown in the following figure and elements are discussed briefly in the points beneath the figure.

Organization development process

1. Data collection: Surveys may be made to determine organizational climate and behavioral problems. The consultant usually meets with groups away for work to develop information from questions such as these:

    • What kinds of conditions contribute most to your job effectiveness?
    • What kinds of conditions interfere with your job effectiveness?
    • What would you most like to change in the way this organization operates?
    • The by-products of data collection include the identification of performance gaps and deficiencies in the way the organization operates and abseiling in the way the organization operates and baseline information a portrait of the organization’s current level of operations for later comparison with the effects of OD (Organization Development) efforts.

2. Data feedback and confrontation Workgroups are assigned to review the data collected, to medicate areas of disagreement, and to establish priorities for change.

3. Action planning and problem-solving: Groups use the data to develop specific recommendations for change. Discussion focuses on actual problems in the organization. Plans are specific, including who is responsible and when the action should be completed.

4. Use of intentions: Once the action planning is completed, the consultant helps the participants select and use appropriate OD interventions, Depending on the nature of the key problems; the intervention may focus on individuals, teams. Interdepartmental relating or the total organization.

5. Evaluation and follow-up: The consultant helps the organization evaluate the results of its OD efforts and develop additional programs in areas where additional results are needed.


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