Assumptions of Organization Development

There are some assumptions of organization development (OD). These assumptions have been classified basically into 3 (three) types first as follows:

  1. Individuals assumptions 
  2. Groups assumptions
  3. Organizations assumptions 

Newstrom and Davis have pointed out some assumptions under each category.

Assumptions of organization development

Individuals assumptions

Some assumptions which are related to different individuals are listed below:

  • People want to grow and nature
  • Employees have much to offer (e.g.: energy and creativity) that is not how being used at work.
  • Most employees desire the opportunity to contribute they desire

Groups assumptions

Every group has many assumptions. In this part, three assumptions have been underlined.

  • Groups and teams are critical to organizational success.
  • Groups have been powerful influences on individual behavior.
  • The complex roles to be played in groups require skill development.

Organization assumptions

A few assumptions are prevailing regarding the organization also. These are as follows:

  • Excessive controls, policies, and rules and determined.
  • Conflict can be functional if properly channeled.
  • Individual and organizational goals can be compatible.
Assumptions of Organization development
Assumptions of Organization development

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