12 Common Importance of Organizational Development

Organization Development has importance for employers and employees. If organization development is undertaken and implemented successfully, both parties may be benefited. Points of the importance of organizational development are discussed below.

Importance of organizational development

Contractual relationship: For the establishment of a contractual relationship between the concerned parties in the organization, organization development can play a significant role. Contractual relationships help to ensure the successful implantation of plans.

A change agent: A very important aspect of organizational development is change. Agents of behavioral scientists encourage people in the organization to solve problems. His main strength is his comprehensive knowledge of human behavior.

Sponsoring organization: The imitative for organization development programs come from an organization that has a problem. This means that management’s awareness that the problem exists and has decided to seek help in solving it.

Applied behavioral science: OD process states its activities by applying behavioral science principles without applying so that people cannot be made fit for implementing the program.

Implement performances: Through the OD process improved relations, effective commutation, and enhanced ability to copy of all kinds, more effective decisions, etc. are possible. It indicates an improvement in the performance of all sides.

Organization self-renewal: OD program helps self-renewals also. People become conscious of their responsibilities in the future for the organization and society. It minimizes suspension and control steps.

Importance of Organizational development
Importance of Organizational development

Increased motivation: OD programs increase the motivation of employees. The motivation of employees can ensure high productivity and sensibility. On the other hand, demotivated employees destroy good deeds even.

High morale and satisfaction: If reasonable OD programs are undertaken, the morale and satisfaction of employees may be increased, which can result in a good performance.

Increased competitive ability: Developed organization cans again competitive ability. This position can be gained by producing high-quality goods. Rendering better services, expanding the market, sending goods to the doorsteps of customers, and so on.

Research & Development: Research and development are the successful weapons of any organization. It helps innovate, improve the quality of goods and services, and increase competitive strengths.

Quality goods & services: Whether OD has taken part properly or not, it is proved through the quality of goods and services. If quality does not improve, OD does not carry any value.

On the basis of these few points, we can explain the importance of OD, There may be other importance of OD. But these will increase the volume only.

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