8 Essential Tips for Organization Development

Organization Development Practitioners should get some tips for successful action planning and implementation of OD programs. Here we provide some effective tips for organization development (OD). If these tips are followed systematically, there is a possibility of success.

Tips for organization development

1. Effective CommunicationAll organizations should have an ongoing communication strategy that includes but is not limited to:

  • Feedback channel whereby staff members can openly provide feedback to Management about strategies.
  • Consistent communication of changes to the initiative in a systematic way.

2. Dealing with Change: To help employees through change, management should proceed very carefully.

3. Acknowledges the Impact of the Change: Understanding that change within the organization can equate to fear and loss for an individual is a reality. Ignoring this impact will shut down employees from accepting and engaging in change activities.

4. Listen to Concerns and Fears: Once you have acknowledged the loss and/or impact, allow the individual to communicate concerns and fears openly without reprisal.

Tips for Organization Development

5. Communicate: Communicate throughout the change process, be sure to communicate even over-communicative what is happening within the organization.

6. Include: The more you include your team in changes that affect them, the more loyalty of staff will have. Allow them to provide input in the specific areas that affect them and assign them a role in the change.

7. Empower: Then you assign roles to sort individuals you are essentially holding them accountable for those roles and tasks.

8. Reward: Provide frequent rewards for tasks completed. These rewards can range from simply a “thank you” to bonuses, raises, and promotions.

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13 thoughts on “8 Essential Tips for Organization Development”

  1. Joycelyn Highsmith

    Dealing with change is very hard in the workplace. However, great management can make the transition very smooth.

  2. Keeping employees informed of changes places employees in a position to work with you knowing that these changes are affecting management as well, its provides a we are with you attitude opposed to what are they not telling us and how will this affect me as an individual. Being informed makes employees a part of the process.

  3. Great read. I agree that effective communication is key in any organization. I also like the point about empowerment. When employees feel empowered, I believe it makes them feel more invested in the organization.

  4. Empowerment and accountability is important simply because if no one is held accountable for their actions and how it affects the company, there will be failure. To have my actions follow me and be accountable for the outcome will push me toward excellence.

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