8 Essential Conditions for Successful Team

For making a successful team, a few conditions are to be fulfilled. These conditions are classified in to a few points. Bell and Rosen Stein have mentioned these conditions in their study findings:

Conditions for successful team

  1. Presence of right people: Successful teams may be built only with the availability of right and like-minded people. More numbe4r of right people can ensure more successful teams.
  2. Uninterrupted time: A large block of uninterrupted time can make a successful team. Team members can use their without any break and perform their duties.
  3. High priority work: Works should be given high priority by all team members. They must give high priority on the achievement of goal through better performance.
  4. Indentified work: Works should be indentified for better performance and achievement of objectives. Proper identification helps select right assignments to be performed.


    Successful Teams

  5. Structured way: Only_Structured ways and methods can make a team success. This team helps in enhancing efficiency of performance of team members.
  6. Realistic solutions: Realistic solutions and action plans are also helpful in making an effective team. Realistic solutions and action plans increase joy for work.
  7. EnthusiasmTeam members should be enthusiastic in performing their duties. Enthusiastic team can move mountains and can create a history in the organization.
  8. Follow up: Team activities should be supervised, and followed up. Proper follow up can increase the rate of success of a team.

On the following of these conditions of a successful team can be built and maintained. There may be other conditions to be fulfilled in different organizations.

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