Potential Team Problems that can Hinder Team Building and Running

There are some potential team problems. These problems can hinder team building as well as a team running. A few problems may be seen while forming teams.

Similarly, some problems may exist during the continuation of teams. However, these team problems are discussed below:

Team Problems

1. Lack of like-minded people: During the forming stage, the nonavailability of like-minded people can hamper the team. Due to the lack of like-minded people team formation stage may be lengthy.

2. Lack of similar expertise: Expertise level may be different among the team members. Dissimilar expertise levels can create an adjustment problem and low production affects the image of the teams.

3. Difference in motivation level: The motivation level of team members can also hamper team formation and teamwork. Some demotivated people can discourage other imitating members.

4. Different aspirations: Hopes and aspiration levels of all team members are not the same. Due to this difference team spirit may be damaged.

5. Mishandling of disputes: Disputes are supposed to be handled properly. If it is handled improperly dissatisfaction may be created among the team members.

6. Unequal distribution of work: Workloads sometimes, may not be distributed equally. Even in usual cases, if it happens, some team members may use it for other purposes.

7. Sense of deprivation: Some team members may have a sense of deprivation either for usual or unusual cases. Whatever may be the reasons, team spirit may be affected.

8. Corruption of team members: Very often some team members become involved with corruption. This can destroy the temperament of peace-loving team members.

Potential Team Problems
Potential Team Problems

9. Changing composition: Team building efforts may be affected if its composition changes. A good number of team members may object to such change. They can withdraw themselves from the team and show cooperation.

10. Social Loafing: If team members become disappointed that they’re contributing in not properly measured, they may lessen their output and engage in social loafing. Thus team harmony may be affected.

11. Politicization: Politicization of team activities has become one of the main team problems in developing countries. That can create political ambition, hamper goal orientation, and enter group relations.

12. Lack of democracy: Most of the team members expect democratic practice within the team. If these ideals are violated, teams may be affected.

13. Interpersonal conflict: For many reasons, interpersonal relations may be hampered among team members. These causes include rigidity, bad behavior, wrongs supervision, etc.

14. Lack of goal orientation: It is not always true that all team members will be of the same goal-oriented. The degree of orientation may vary from member to member. Lack of proper goal orientation results in low team spirit and less performance of employees.

Team problems are the headaches of both management and team leaders. Therefore both parties should try to resist these problems and protect the interest of teams.

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