Importance of Team for an Organization

The team is important in every organization. One individual cannot bring the success of an organization. Team spirit, teamwork, and cohesiveness can do so. In the following paragraph, a few points of importance of the team for an organization are discussed.

Importance of team

1. Increased productivity: If a team is formed in an organization, productivity may be increased, because all members of the team are engaged for the purpose.

2. Comfortable environment: Team members can contribute for the development and maintenance of comfortable environment for effective performance.

3. Effective decision-making: One man decision may not be effective. If team members agree to make effective decision, may be possible.

4. Less conflict: Goal oriented team can have less difference in opinions. They don’t involve themselves with conflict. Rather they try to solve member’s conflict.

5. Resolving dispute: An effective team can resolve the dispute easily. They become more sincere to resolve dispute and remove organizational unrest.

6. Creation of self-consciousness: Team members convince each other to be more self conscious as regards career development, interpersonal relations and socialization.

Importance of Team
Importance of Team

7. Clear distribution of work: In consultation with supervision, team members get their works well distributed and show low objections about their assignments.

8. Effective communication: Team members communicate all messages, news, views and attitudes, freely. They don’t distort information and disrupt relations.

9. Successful leadership: Successful shared leadership is developed in the organization if team spirit is really maintained. Thus organization gets leadership for the series of years.

10. Job satisfaction: as team members understand each other, they can work with job satisfaction. Job satisfaction also helps perform in a better way and maintain good relations with top management.

11. High morale: High morale is the last outcome of the presence of an effective team. They don’t feel frustrated and demotivated even in case of any sense of deprivation. High morale increases enthusiasm in work.

These are main pints of importance of team. For the sake of enjoying these importance and benefits, teams can be formed and maintained properly.

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