Sample Invitation Letter for a Retirement Party

This invitation letter is a very simple letter. You just need to state the name of the member of staff who is retiring from the corporation and ask the other co-workers to join you and the retiring co-worker in the dinner get-together on a definite date that you need to declare in the letter.

If you want to add a particular theme to the dinner party, you need to point out it too in the letter. Along with many other things, you should suggest to the guests or invited Co-workers what kind of gift they should bring for the retiring Co-worker.

If the retiring co-worker himself writes this invitation letter, he informs his colleague about his choice of retiring and invites them to a dinner get-together that he planned where on the other hand, if the corporation or the HR department sends this invitation letter to employees in the office, it is informing them about the employee who will retire soon and invites all of them to the dinner party for the retiring employee. An invitation letter for a retirement party is given below.

Invitation letter for a retirement party

Dear J Smith,


Retirement Party for Mr. A Dowie

This is to tell you that Dr. A Dowie our principal of the CSE department is retiring on March 23, 2022.  Dr. D connected to our university 20 years back when the university was in its initial years and was trying to build its place among the top-ranked private university in the country.  Ever since then, he has completely contributed to the success of this varsity. We were never short of his suggestion when it was most required and his direction and loyalty to his fellow generation has always been ideal.

In order to say an official ‘Good Bye’ and to wish him luck for a calm retired life, a goodbye dinner is planned by the university administration at Queens Hotel, 35 Johnson tJm, pinks ton, Ontario on 14 March 2022.

You and your spouse have all been invited to elegance this occasion and convey your best wishes to Dr. D in person. Kindly respond to this letter for confirming your presence as soon as possible.

Warmest regard

Mr. F

Invitation Letter for a Retirement Party
Invitation Letter for a Retirement Party

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