Picnic Invitation Letter Sample

In this busy world, we are all busy with our own work. No one is standing all are running. In this busy schedule of life, we do not find time for our family and friends. So that we do not meet with a family member or friend.

We have to meet with them for maintaining good bonding with them. Because ultimately they all love us. We can meet with them by organizing a picnic. Yes, this letter is a picnic invitation letter.

In this letter, one friend invites others for a picnic. The Picnic invitation letter may have two types. One friend picnic another official organization or school picnic invitation. This is an informal picnic invitation letter.

Picnic invitation letter

(Name of the letter recipients)
(Address of the letter recipients)


Sub: Family reunion invitation letter.

Dear X uncle,
I am writing to you today to invite you to a very special program. The special program is a picnic. It was a long time since we met. We need a refreshment. Without meeting each other, the relationship between us is breaking slowly. So we need a break.

According to this circumstance, I organize a picnic. I fixed the entire thing about the picnic. So I hope you will not face any problems here. I can ensure you.

I invited all of our friends. I sent a letter to Harrie and Falik. I requested them to join us. They ensure me that they will join us.

Our picnic date is fixed on 12 October Saturday. The spot is Santa choices park. You know this is the nicest picnic spot in our area. I decide we will arrange a bar-b-q party at night. I also plan many exciting games and many things. Are my decisions right? I want to know and want your advice in your next letter.

Please join us along with your cute little sister. We all friends did not meet for a long time. I miss them all. I wish you would join all of them.

Warmest Regard
Your Name

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