Sample Invitation Letter to Visit the UK

The letter contains an invitation that applies to children of their parents. Children are the residents of the UK. The parent stays in another country like China. In this letter, children want that parents will go to Canada for visiting them.

This letter recipient is the UK visa application center. The purpose of this visit is social. In this letter, Children apply for permission to visit their parents in the UK. This is a sample of how one can apply for the invitation to his/her family and relatives to visit them.

Normally we think that the invitation letter recipient is the guests, but for this purpose, the recipient of this letter is the visa application center. A formal sample invitation letter to visit the UK.

Invitation letter to visit the UK

Your address in the UK
Your phone no
UK Visa application center
7/f west area, Grand Rock plaza
No 13 Xin Zhong,
Dongcheng, District, Beijing 100027
ChinaSub:  Invitation letter to visit the UK

Dear x,
We are Mr. M, Mrs. y, and Mr. T is a sibling and permanent resident of the UK, residing at (Dongcheng District). We would like to invite our parents to name Mr. k and Mrs. k to visit us in the UK for one year starting from 2 February 2016 to 2 February 2017.

The purpose of the visit is social and as well as tourism in the UK. During their visit, they will stay with us and we will take full responsibility for them, including medical, food, ticket fare from India to the UK and back, rent, trouble expenses within the UK, Medical Insurance, and all the financial responsibility.

We will also ensure that they will leave the UK before the expiration of their authorized stay. Please, kindly grant their visa.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email for future any kind of inquiry.

Best regards
Mr. X

Invitation letter to visit the UK
Invitation letter to visit the UK

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