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Social correspondence usually means letters of Invitations, Announcement, etc written to family and friends, and relatives. These messages will help you keep in touch with those who mean the most to you. Such a type of letter conveys news about what is happening in your life. Here we mention some invitation letter sample.

What is important to you? And what is your personal interest etc, which helps to know the inner feeling of a person efficiently?

All types of invitation letter


Official invitation letter

  1. Invitation letter for international visitors
  2. Invitation letter to visit Canada
  3. Invitation letter to visit the USA
  4. Invitation letter to visit Australia
  5. Invitation letter to visit the UK
  6. Invitation letter for speaker
  7. Contoh invitation letter
  8. Invitation letter for chief guest
  9. Letter of Invitation to Attend a Seminar
  10. Invitation letter for the conference
  11. Retirement party invitations letter
  12. Immigration invitation letter for a family member
  13. Advisory board invitation letter
  14. Media invitation letter
  15. Alumni meet invitation letter

Business invitation letters

  1. Invitation letter for a business meeting
  2. Survey invitation letter
  3. Trade show invitation letter
  4. Invitation to tender letter
  5. Hotel reservation letter
  6. Sponsorship invitation letter
  7. Grand opening invitation letter
  8. Invitation letter for employee training
  9. Business trip Invitation letter
  10. Invitation Letter for the Launch Party
  11. Invitation letter to the shareholder to join as a board of director
  12. Job interview invitation letter

Social invitation letter

  1. Church invitation letter
  2. Diwali invitation letter
  3. Christmas invitation letter
  4. Farewell party invitation letter
  5. New Year invitation letter
  6. Church revival invitation letter
  7. Church anniversary invitation letter sample
  8. Festival invitation letter
  9. Picnic invitation letter
  10. Fundraising invitation letter
  11. Convocation invitation letter
  12. Church choir invitation letter
  13. Invitation letter for baptism
  14. Invitation letter to a club member to attend a meeting

Personal invitation letter

  1. Invitation letter for event
  2. Family reunion invitation letter
  3. Party invitation letter sample
  4. Invitation letter for dinner
  5. Invitation letter for birthday party
  6. Invitation letter for parents from school
  7. Funeral invitation letter
  8. Get together invitation letter
  9. Kid’s birthday invitations
  10. Anniversary invitation letter
  11. Baby shower invitation letter
  12. Invitation letter for a friend to visit you
  13. Engagement party invitations
  14. Wedding invitation letter examples

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  1. Please write an invitation letter about a club member that has not come to meeting for some months now. asking him to come to meeting by the end of the month, failing to do so, the club will count him out of the club.

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    I must admit that you have a fair amount of the invitation letter sample. Wonderful, appreciate your efforts.
    You should keep it up forever! Good Luck.

  3. how do I get a visa for my boyfriend from Turkey to the uk. I am so unsure about this but I need him here my mum is about to pass and need information regarding getting him here. thanx so much

    1. Thanks, Alana for your comment, first of all, I don’t know about visa processing, but very soon we will publish an invitation letter for international visitors.

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