Tactical Dimensions or Strategies of Power

Power tactics are a way in which individuals translate over bases into specific actions. Recent research indicates that there is a standardized way by which power-holders attempt to get what they want.

However, some tactical dimensions or strategies of power are discussed below:

Strategies of power

1. Reason or Rational Persuasion: Presenting logical argument and factual evidence to demonstrate that a request is reasonable. The logical and factual evidence help one to establish one’s own action or decision.

2. Legitimacy: Relying on one’s authority positions or stressing that a request is in accordance with the organizational policies.

3. Friendliness: Use of flattery, creation of goodwill, acting humble and being friendly prior to making a request and making decision in favor of one’s own side.

4. Coalition: Enlisting the aid of others people to persuade the target or using the support of others as a reasons for the target to agree. It may be creating groups in favor of own opinion and getting the support of other people in the organization to back up the request.

5. Inspirational Appeal: Developing emotional commitment by appealing to targets, values, needs, hopes and aspirations.

6. Personal appeals: Asking for compliance based on friendship and loyalty.

7. Bargaining: Use of negotiation through the exchange of benefits or favors.

Strategies of Power
Strategies of Power

8. Assertiveness: Use of a direct & force full approach such as demanding compliance with request, ordering individuals to do what is asked and painting out that rules require compliance.

9. Higher authority: Getting the support of higher levels in the organization to back up requests.

10. Sanction: Use of organizationally derived rewards & punishments.

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