3 Most Important Elements of Power in Organization

There are some elements of power. These elements may be described by dividing into five classes. However, the following elements are present in power:

Elements of power in organization

Politics: Politics or politicking is always present in every organization whether large or small. People indulge in politics not only as individuals but more often.

They get divided into blocks, camps, cliques, or groups: Its intensity increases as the issue concerned assumes importance from the concerned party’s point of view and if there is a fairly good chance of turning the decision in favor of the party.


People playing politics are engaged in content for power and ethics and goals have no concern with them. They play an opportunistic role and expediency is their motto. Dalton identified six major areas in which such politics is played in spite of various problem in that area:

  • Pressures for economy
  • Cooperation of officially powerless experts
  • Conflicts between labor and management for interpreting agreements;
  • Uncertainties about standards and strategies of promotion
  • Difficulty in linking reward with productivity; and
  • The practicality of politics.

Inducement of force to mold the behavior: The demonstration of power occurs when an individual induces a force on another person to mold his behavior according to his choice. It means that there is no evidence of power unless it is exercised.

External Environment: External environment casts a serious influence on an organization that is constantly responding and adjusting to it.

Thus, the expression of power is affected not only by internal organizational elements; but is also induced by external forces like banks, insurance companies, government agencies which came in contact with the business organization arid, influence the decision-making power of the organization.

The earlier, the external forces enter into a decision-making process, the greater the influence they have.

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