Advantages and Disadvantages of Autocratic Leadership

“Autocratic leadership” the word make a negative impact when we hear. You can think this is unbelievable but autocratic leadership also has some advantages.

So, here we describe some advantages and disadvantages of autocratic leadership which are mention below:

Advantages of Autocratic Leadership

Autocratic leadership enjoys following advantages:

  1. It provides strong motivation ad reward for the leader.
  2. Quick decision making is guaranteed because single person decides for the whole group.
  3. Less competent sub-managers can be used only to carry out the orders of the boss. They are not involved in decision making process.
  4. Decision making, planning or organizing need no initiative.
  5. Strict control and establishment of chain of command is possible.
  6. Most effective in organization where chain of command is crucial such as military, air force like organization.

Advantages of Autocratic Leadership

Disadvantages of Autocratic Leadership

It suffers from the following drawbacks:

  1. People dislike it especially if it is extreme and the motivational style is negative.
  2. Frustration, low morale, and conflict develop easily in Autocratic leadership because subordinates feel that they work as they have to do so and because of any motivation. They work half heatedly.
  3. Mangers are poor motivators and employees hardly show creativity and judgment.

Disadvantages of Autocratic Leadership

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