Contoh Invitation Letter Sample

Here is the sample letter. Contoh means sample. It is a Malay word.Here you find a sample invitation letter. The contoh invitation letter which is provided on this page is a formal invitation letter. This letter is for an official invitation letter to a conference. In this letter, you can know how to write a formal official contoh invitation letter.

Contoh invitation letter

(Name of the recipient)
(Address of the recipient)
Date: 30th august 2016
Subject: Contoh letter of invitation.Dear(Name of the recipient),
I am writing today to invite you once again to “save the world”18thAsia-specific conference which motivation is saving the world from pollution.It will be held on December 5th ,2016, at the beautiful great Putrajaya hotel in Malaysia.

This year,our theme is how we can save the world from environment pollution. As our rules, we appointed a leader from every Asian country so that they can spread our motivation to all over the world.The board decided that you to appointed you as a leader of your country.

On this occasion, many great speakers and also head of the organization is invited. The program schedule is attached to this letter. We have lined up the speaking topic as usual. You can see your topic of giving a briefing in our attachment.

All the financial issue bearing by the organizers as well as your residence expenses, food expense, transport expense etc.After this conference, we will through a great dinner party all of the members of this conference. And also there will be a small training session for all of you.

Here the speaker will be the president of the organization. All of the important material is attached with this letter. If you have any inquiry you can contract with us.

We all look forward to seeing you all and together be blessed and inspire to continue what is the aim of this program. Please confirm your presence as soon as possible.

Warmest Regard,
(Your Name)

Contoh Invitation Letter

Contoh Invitation Letter

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