Letter to Uncle on his Birthday

Maximum time we spend our childhood with uncle. So, you should send a birthday letter to uncle on his birthday.

Here we provide a sample letter to uncle on his birthday.

Letter to Uncle on his Birthday

Dear uncle

Best wishes to my favorite uncle on his 41st birthday. You are the greatest uncle of the world. You were my best friend in my childhood. Can you remember, all the time I disturb you and you got angry but never show you angriness to me? I was glad by understanding this.

You were a fun loving person and a bathroom singer. Still I laugh by thinking your sing song at birth room. All the time you there for me you make me sleep and brings me to school.

I got my art lesson from you and now my drawings are much better because of you. As a birthday gift I scratch one of your photos when you were thirty. I send it to you soon you will get it and please make a comment about that scratch.

I know you are keen interested to read book so, I bought some book for you. I remember most of the time you read science fiction instead of academic book.

Uncle you are my pioneer, idol and teacher, you learn me how to overcome struggle in life. Really I feel god blessed me by giving a caring, loving and fun uncle like you.

Al last hopes your joyful birthday as you are.

Mac Tross


Letter to Uncle on his Birthday

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