Sample Invitation Letter for Visiting Australia to a Friend

Invitation letter for visiting a country have many criteria. Some letter can be from relatives to visit Australia or some can be from any corporation or organization for their conference or meeting in Australia. A sample of invitation letter for visiting Australia is provided on this page. Here you can see how to invite a relative for a birthday ceremony in Australia.

Invitation letter for visiting Australia

(Name of the recipient)
(Address of the recipient)
Date: 9th October 2016
Sub: inviting you to my country.

Dearest Farina,
I am writing to you today to invite you to visit me in Australia to join me and my family for the birthday party of my son.

The birthday party is at 10th December. You have to come at least 1 week before from the birthday party. Because I want that you will organize the whole party. I know you are a professional party planner. This is the time to helping your aunt with your talent.

You already know that your uncle has no time to organize anything so that I hope you will take all the responsibility of your cousin’s birthday party. Including decoration, food menu, venue of the party all works are pending. Please come soon and help me how to organize all the matter.

I also planned that after completing birthday party, we will go for a trip. Please sent me the opinion of yourself so that I will confirm the guest list and other works.I am knocking you now so that you will process visa and can leave from your work easily.If possible, please ask your mother for come along too. It will be really great if I meet with my loving sister after so many years.

Jennifer, your sister has requested to bring along her favorite cake made by her aunt. So please bring it along when you come.I hope you both will come and give us lots of blessings. Lots of love.

Beron Ander

Invitation Letter for Visiting Australia

Invitation Letter for Visiting Australia

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