Baby Shower Invitation Letter Sample to Friend

A baby shower is a very important function for would-be parents. As we know, for every event and function guests are the most important part. For a baby shower ceremony, it will not change anymore. A sample baby shower invitation letter is provided for you.

For the would-be mother, the good wishes of her relatives and friend’s family are necessary. Now the thing is how can anyone spread the news among relates a baby shower? The special way is writing a letter.

Inviting guests to a baby shower can either be formal or informal. But usually, this kind of letter like a baby shower invitation letter should be informal.

Baby shower invitation letter

Date: September 30, 2016
Dear (Receiver’s Name),

I would like to tell you that you are warmly invited to celebrate with our dear friends (Mention your friend’s Name) as they will receive the little package of happiness into this earth.

  • Date: November 19th, 2020
  • Venue: Queen’s hotel, 7849 Mallory Lane, Pittsburg, NE. 22382
  • Time: 8pm

As you may possibly previously know, they are expecting a baby boy. (Mention other friend’s Name) have registered at The Ray gift registry so you may select to pick up a present on their list. If you choose not to come for any cause or if you think about giving a cash gift or a gift card, feel free to select out other gifts for them as you want.

This is a surprise for (Would be parent’s name), so I am requesting to you that do not talk about it to them. The arrangement is to start at 6.45 pm so please try to arrive at 6.20 pm. However, please assist ahead this to (would-be father’s Name) friends that are not in this surround.

We decide on a menu for this party. I order a nice cake for would be the mother. I hope she will be very happy to see all the arrangements. For any kind of inquiry and suggestion, you may reach me on my cell (Mention your number) or by email (Your Email).

Thanks and have a good week.
(Your Name)

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