Twelve C s for team building which should consider

For building teams in an organization, many considerations may be there. But we have collected twelve C’s that can help substantially. These C’s are discussed below and shown in the diagram.

Twelve C s for team building

  1. Clear expectations: All team members should have clear expectation. Not only may that management have some sort of expectation form team members.
  2. Context: Teams may be built with clear context. The context is related to objectivity. Teams should not go beyond that context.
  3. Commitment: Every team member must have commitment. With this commitment they can contribute for the organization. Without commitment they cannot work sincerely.
  4. Competence: Core competence is one of the key factors for success of any organization. This competence may be in born or developed through training.
  5. Charter: Every team should work with broad or specific charter of work. The charter of may lead the team to goal.
  6. Coordination: Team members should establish coordination among themselves. This coordination is needed to ensure disciplined and uninterrupted performance.
  7. Control: Control helps team to work in conformance with predetermined objectives. Control ensures team members activities toward the objectives.
  8. Consequences: Team members must be aware of the consequences toothier performance. To have knowledge. About the probable consequences is the part of wisdom of intelligent team leaders.


    Twelve C s for Team Building

  9. Collaboration: Success of team building depends on collaboration of all members of teams. Otherwise team spirit might be hampered.
  10. Communication: Effective communication strengthens relations of team members to a great extent. It also helps reduce misunderstanding among management and teams.
  11. Creative innovation: Teams can contribute creative innovation. Innovation is the outcome of creative team members. They create new techniques of building teams more efficiently.
  12. Cultural change: Every team member may have own culture. After joining the team’s cultural change may take place. This change may be attributable to successful team building.

It we follow this twelve Cs; an effective team may be constituted and ran with strength and commitment.

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