Tender Invitation Letter Sample

The tender invitation is the call for qualified suppliers and contractors. The company requests the suppliers and contractors to bid for the project. This is a competitive trading process. Through this process, the company can select the right person for their work. The company invites you to send the trading request. A tender invitation letter sample is given below:

Now the question is how can a company introduce the matter to others? The company can send invitations this invitation is known as a tender letter.

A tender invitation letter is a formal letter from the company. In this letter, the main subject is a request to bid. The letter should contain all the materials needed to bid. And should be clear, all the conditions and rules of work.

In this letter, the time of bidding should be clear. Here is a sample invitation tender letter.

Tender invitation letter

Dear sir/madam


If you are concerned about the possibility of providing services with regard to the present invitation, you are hereby invited to propose a tender in triplicate in one of the official languages of the European Union. Following the indications and procedures laid down in this invitation to tender with the specifications and with all the related annexes, including the conditions of mention.

Tenders have to be:

Either sent by registered post or by private courier service, not later than 4/09/16, the postmark, the date of dispatch, or the date of the receipt being taken as proof, to the following address.

European Commission
If the international market and services
Unit b/budget
Office: hyp2
C/6787 Bussel.

-Or delivered by hand (by the tendered in person or by an authorized representative) to the following address.

Warmest regard
Mr. y

Tender Invitation Letter
Tender Invitation Letter

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