Sample Invitation Letter for the Launch Party

The formal celebration of your success or your organization’s success is just around the corner. You plan that you invite your company’s Co-workers. Even though it is a formal and professional event, you want to make the celebration friendly and warm.

What types of invitation should you use to invite to the celebration or launch party? Sending each guest, a formal invitation letter for the launch party is a great solution.

You can send a formal letter with a personal touch. Each person felt that you or your organization personally invite him or her for this special moment.

When you invite a person you should maintain a formality that’s matched the position of workers in the organization. As like the company has staff, senior officers, junior officers, bosses, or anyone else. The letter will be changeable through the position of the workers.

Here is a sample invitation letter for a launch party. The launch party may be formal or informal. You can use this format of the invitation letter for dinner both formal and informal.

Sample invitation letter for the Launch party

(Name of recipient)
(Address of recipient)
Date: 13th December 2022
Sub: Invitation letter for Launch.

Dear Y,
It is a great pleasure that I write to invite you to our company’s annual launch party. The party will be held on 29th December at 1 pm. Our company will be hosting a formal launch party at the Queens hotel due to a big announcement, that our company makes profit more 10% from last year.

Our company’s CEO will be the chief guest at this launch party. He will discuss our next target and He also wants to appreciate you all for this big success.

Our company thinks every single person’s contribution makes a great result for our company.

We hope you will attend the launch party. Please let us know if you will be attending as soon as possible.

With the warmest regard
The HR manager of  Y company
Ms. m.

invitation letter for the Launch
invitation letter for the Launch

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