Sample Grand Opening Invitation Letter to High Profile Citizens

The opening ceremony invitation letter has to send to people of a city, high-profile citizens in order to invite them. In order to make the opening, unforgettable and stirring, many important people are also invited to the opening i.e. actors, actresses, local company owners, social employees, and government officials, and all of them are asked to join by the holder of the mall for the opening ceremony of the business with this grand opening invitation letter.

Some company owners and business professionals state that the success of a business along with its reputation and reliability in the market is determined by the inauguration of the opening of the business.

By confirming to attend the opening of them, the owners of the mall can declare this news in the local media that the people will be present at the opening. The high-profile people that are invited to the opening are asked to attend the ceremony with this formal request or invitation letter. Maybe you think it’s a good idea to use, and modify invitation letters for the guests, but it’s better if you use your company letterhead even if the business is not open yet.

Here is a sample of a Grand Opening Invitation Letter of a Mall,

Sample grand opening invitation letter

The president
The Hafiz Corporation
185, Third Avenue

New York, NY 4878391

Dear Mr. K, As you know, you are our special supplier for many years and we are really happy to perform business with you. Over the years, our connection has evolved from professionals to best friends and because of that, I am very happy to inform you that our company is starting a new franchise in the area of New York.

And I would like you to join the opening of our new mall. I know you are a very busy person and you always have a very fixed schedule, but it will signify a lot to us if you can take a few hours and join us in the launch of our new shopping center.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. D
CEO, V-Mart

Inauguration invitation letter

The inauguration program is the opening ceremony of something. In every event, the guests are very much important. For requesting guests to attend the event organizer have to use away. A very decent and nice way is to send an invitation letter.

The inauguration invitation letter (also known as the grand opening invitation letter) should contain a clear view of the ceremony. It should be simple and clear. Information like date, venue, and theme all should be clear in the letter.

This is a formal invitation letter is written to invite a chief guest. A function is an inauguration event of a mall. It is an official letter that is soundly written with politeness to widen an invitation to the honored guest. Information about the planned event for the guest’s presence is stated for the guest’s consideration to attend the function.

This inauguration invitation letters for a chief guest of an insurgent ceremony. This is a formal letter and it contains details of the event that are clear.

Nichole Steven
Queen Marts Hotel
3929 Brandy Court
Oakland, ME 098063
April 10, 2022


Sir Cornel Jarlson
Village Council
40094 villages Street
Oakland, ME 000963

Respectable Sir

RE: Invitation to branch opening ceremony.
First, please take my greetings. Queen Mart Hotel is requesting you to be a presence at the official opening ceremony of its 18th hotel outlet in Oakland on March 30, 2022. The program is to be held at our hotel’s luxurious ballroom at 8 PM.

Cultural dance groups from various tribal groups shall perform at the hotel’s official opening event to welcome guests from all over the world. A cocktail and light dinner will be arranged for VIPs.

It would be our honor if you are able to charm our occasion with your presence. Kindly allow the Queens Marts Hotel to record a word of thanks to your kind office for welcoming us to your city. We look forward to a positive response from you soon.

Thank you.
Respectfully yours,
Nichole Steven
Queen Mart Hotel

Grand Opening Invitation Letter
Grand Opening Invitation Letter

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