Difference between Team and Group

Very often words teams and groups are used interchangeably. But some scholars make difference between team and group. In the following Table, on the basis of 6(six) points a few differences have been shown.

These points of differences are nature, common superior, interaction, reporting, interdependence commitment and accountability. Let us see the following Table:-

Difference between team and group

Points of distinction



  • Nature
A team is a form of group. But group is not a form of team.
  • Common Superior
Team may not have common superior. Group has common superior
  • Interaction
Team may not have face to face interaction. Group has face-to-face interaction
  • Reporting
Team many not have reporting responsibility to the superiors Group has responsibilities of    reporting of reporting to the superiors.
  • interdependence
Team has higher degree of interdependence. Groups have small degree of interdependence.
  • Commitment
Team members are supposed to be highly committed. Group members are not that much committed to the work.
  • Accountability
Team members themselves are mutually accountable. Group members themselves may not be that much mutually accountable.

Difference between Team and Group

It has already been reported that there id minimum distinction between teams and groups. A team is internally organized, with specific goals and usually with specific roles for different members of the team. A group is just a collection for people with something in common, such as being in the same place or having a shared interest.

It is often much easier; if you had a room filled with professional accountants, for example, they could be grouped according to gender, experience, fields of expertise, age, or other common factors.

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