Trade Show Invitation Letter Sample

The trade show is a very important event for an organization. Through this event, the company can show their products to the world. In any event, the guests of the event are very much significant.

In a trade show company invite many chief persons as like a business partner, supplier, media, special guests. Now the question is how can invite the guests? A great way to invite guests is by writing a letter.

Through a formal letter, the company can invite guests. You think this is a very difficult task. But trust me it is so easy. You should just make sure the letter will be easy and meaningful.

Here we share a sample trade show invitation letter. You can follow it. The letter should have a specification of every important information like date, venue, time.

Trade show invitation letter


Mr. X
Junior sales executive,
Pirate group limited
London, UK
Date: 20th July 2016Subject: Invitation to the trade show.

Dear X,
We invite you to join us, a trade show of Hark fashion limited in Canada. Our company is a famous company in Canada. The event that will organize seeks to raise awareness about the trend of a new era. We invite you to be part of this trade show.

Our motivation has spread the relationship between the two countries through this trade show. This year’s event will be held at the exotic convention hall, USA. Here will join many celebrities and high-profile guests. The details of the event given below:

Date: 20th December 2016
Venue: The Queen’s paradise, Canada
Time: 5pm-10pm

The evening consists of an auction, a dinner party, and a fashion show. We hope you will get benefit from this trade show.

It would be an honor for us to your company’s participation.

Warmest regard
Mr. y
HR manager
Hark fashion limited

Trade Show Invitation Letter
Trade Show Invitation Letter

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