Sample Formal Invitation Letter for an Event

In our whole life, we arrange many events for many occasions.  In  every occasion, we need to invite our honorable guests. So the event invitation letter is one of the ways to invite guests. We need to know how can write an invitation letter. An invitation letter is so important for our daily life. There are many types of the invitation letter. Like Formal and informal invitation letter. If the event is an official event we should write a formal letter or is a personal program should write an informal letter. In the informal letter, subjects are easy, but in a formal letter, one should be careful with every step. Hope that, this sample of invitation letter for an event will help you to write a perfect invitation letter.

Invitation letter for an event

Date: 6th September 2016
(Name of the guest)
(Address of the guest)

Dear X,
My name is Maria. I am a student of The South Berge University.Today,I am writing to invite you to our upcoming annual prize giving ceremony which going to be held at our university ground. It is my pleasure to invite you. You are the inspiration for all of us. We want that you will come in our ceremony and give us some advice for our bright future. If you come, we will feel really very proud. On behalf of all my teachers as an organizer of this event, I respectfully invite you to our event. It will be held in next month 12thOctober. It would be motivating for all of us if you would as our honorable guest have a few words with us as an advice. Please send a gentle reply for confirmation of your availability and presence so that we may complete the rest of the event.

Your Name
Your college name

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